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Alex McDowell

"My response to that now is going to be to tell people to shut up and get busy. We have a lot of shit to do around here, and it's time to get started. Let's not get fixated on the flavor the answers … let's just solve the problem."

The same false equivalency. There is a party that will not let ANY of the important work get done, because politics tells them they can win by getting this president and this country to fail. Threatened filibusters, incendiary arguments, voting as a single unified block, regardless of the merits of any argument. Regardless even of whose idea it was in the first place.
Bush got most of everything he wanted from the demo side of the aisle.

On just this one point, your argument falls apart.


Felicito, erais visitados simplemente por la idea brillante 330)

caterers jacksonville

In other terms, this shooting in State of arizona ( az ) required someone to demonstrate him the appropriate public hints to be recognized in our community. It's quite possible that one of the resources for his motivation was the over stated claims used by the right, and he considered this killing as a way of getting their popularity.

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